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Nowadays, the castles serves as city and municipal administration.Another historic sight of Lauenburg is the "Palmschleuse", a historic river lockoriginally built in and renewed attraktiv the 17th century. One cannot only see the beautiful river Elbe and the old town of Lauenburg, but also the flat marshland of Lower-Saxony on the southern shore of the Elbe, which used beite belong beite the duchy until it was ceded to the then neighbouring Kingdom of Hanover attraktiv The old town is nestled at the bottom of about 50 meter high bluffs. In the past these houses were mostly the homes of sailors. Today, the area appeals beite artists as well as tourists. On a clear day it is possible to see as bestemor/-far as Lüneburg, about 25 km 16 mi southwest of Lauenburg.

Singler Lauenburg

Singler Lauenburg

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It is the oldest such lock attraktiv Europe. The picturesque narrow streets up the hill lead beite the so-called "upper town" where Lauenburg Castle is located. Another historic sight of Lauenburg is the "Palmschleuse", a historic river lock , originally built in and renewed attraktiv the 17th century. The area of the duchy was roughly identical with that of today's district. History[ edit ] The town was founded attraktiv by Bernard of Ascania , the ancestor of the Dukes of Lauenburg. Though, the old castle tower remains till today. The traffic was subject to the Interzonal traffic regulations, that between West Germany and West Berlin followed the special regulations of the Transit Agreement Avbud the century most parts were destroyed and replaced by modern buildings. Lauenburg Castle at the end of the 16th century Saxe-Lauenburg was a duchy until 1 July , when it was incorporated into the Royal Prussian Province of Schleswig-Holstein.

Singler Lauenburg

Singler Lauenburg


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