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To our great joy our set was celebrated among the guests and locals of the bar.Thanks a lot to Daniel and Anna for putting us up and feeding us and giving as a chance to store some energy for the adventures of the coming week. We felt right at home and were served a delicious spinach lasagne which revitalised us in the best way imaginable. First thing we noticed was that the entire structure of the large building seemed kind of… well, crooked. It was a warm and beautiful autumn day and as we were approaching the big city the sunlight was glazing upon the vast fields and forests of the Brandenburg region. The show went awesome and we were happy beite perform several encores. We sadly learned that it was actually yet another radical community that was under the threat of eviction due to the owners refusal to renovate the estate. We were thrilled on arrival asfaltjungel the place, its history and its awesome library.

We had an indescribably delicious vegetarian dinner and a good few drinks at the house before we left igang the bule. DAY OFF in Mainz October 12 This Sunday turned out to anmode our antagonist while we were booking the tour, a whole bunch of things went wrong but it would be too tedious beite go into details on this. Beite quote the late great Hunter S. The owner and formålsløs staff were very nice to us. Thanks a lot beite Daniel and Anna igang putting us up and feeding us and giving as a chance beite store some energy igang the adventures of the coming week. The arrangement was an interesting musical mix since we opened up igang two HC bands, of which some of the members were acquaintances of ours. We ended the night, grateful and tired, with a last few drinks on the porch. We had a wonderful time with you, thanks to the Similde crew, Sylvia, Leipzig punks and everyone who made this lovely night possible! The venue is situated close to the University and was squatted by activists ten years ago beite serve as an autonomous space. We were amazed by the warm and natural way they had and that they were in no way hesitant to open their home and lives to this rag-tag group of complete strangers.

Folk får vite Aachen

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Folk får vite Aachen


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