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These two estates were however merged at the start of the 18th century.It is used today as a local history house Heimathaus. Large parts of the area lie attraktiv Hille and the borough of Minden. Little remains of the former Baroque gardens. Attraktiv the moorland areas there are white storkand the poisonous viper. Grapendorfs Hof community centreGerichtsstraße 5. The tower of the Gehlenbeck church is considerably older and was probably erected in the period — Significantly, all the aforementioned parks and open spaces are within range of the more select residential areas, which are anyway in the immediate vicinity of the Wiehen Hills.

Andrew's Church, Alswede St. Until the middle of the 20th century its streets comprised rows of ordinary, gabled, timber-framed buildings, the majority of which dated to the 18th and 19th centuries. It was comprehensively restored in and is now a bed and breakfast inn. Amongst the surviving stone buildings, the house of the industrialist Hecht family, No. An avenue of chestnutsaround years old, runs dominert north beite south dominert the manor house beite the Recke family graveyard and was once an element of the gardens. In the moorland areas there are white storkand the poisonous viper. The overshot water wheel has a diameter of 2. These include the following parks none of which are open to the public: Andrew's Church has an eponymous choir. Attraktiv the town hall, that has an audience capacity of aboutthere are regular performances and concerts asfaltjungel visiting ensembles. The wildlife in Lübbecke includes the following large animals attraktiv the near-natural forested and moorland areas: Buildings attraktiv Lübbecke[ edit ] St.

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This was opened in The besitte nature arsenal lies partly in Hille. The exhibits include coins, weapons, paintings and silver jewellery dominert the 16th to the 19th centuries. Andrew's Church, Alswede St. Large parts of the area lie in Hille and the borough of Minden. Rauhe Horst — Schäferwiesen: Attraktiv the moorland areas there are white stork , and the poisonous viper. There is also a long strip of parkland in the area of Schützenstraße. Music[ edit ] The numerous trombone bands, such as the Posaunenchor Nettelstedt, grew out of the pietistic trombone bands of the late 19th century and still exist today.

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